Responsibility charter


Sign up our intellectual and financial engagement to our customers. Here are the 7 points :

Determination of the users’ expectations
Using a questionnaire which is carefully worded using current language, we determine the users’ acoustic needs together with the management. These needs are then expressed in terms of comfort, communication, concentration and confidentiality.

Transformation of the expectations into scientific parameters
These needs are then translated into scientific criteria which can be integrated into the acoustic analysis of the area in question.

Proposals for effective, inexpensive solutions
The analysis of the area in question, based on measurements taken on site and/or the forecasts obtained by simulation, result in a hierarchy of recommendations which are classified according to performance/investment criteria.

Analysis of return on investment
These proposals are accompanied by an evaluation of the expected return on investment for decision-makers and financial services.

On-site monitoring and control checks
Where necessary, the construction or modification work is monitored to ensure that the implementation of the proposals conforms to the rulebook and to the results of the acoustic analysis. Final acoustic measurements are made on request to back up the subjective impressions of the users with concrete figures.

Management of psychological aspects
Given that psychological and organisational aspects linked to the modification of the work environment are an integral part of acoustic problems in the services industry, they are comprehensively covered in our work and backed up our by extended experience in facility management.

Guaranteed results: The ultimate responsibility of the consultant
Our proposed solutions are matched by a formal guarantee of results. Environment Acoustics undertakes to bear the cost of additional investment which was not foreseen at the end of the analysis but is essential if the desired results are to be achieved.

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