Office acoustics


Office acoustics is a highly evolutive sector: important costs reductions, new IT developments, concurrence and fusions, flexibility and communication enhancements, development schemes difficult to predict.

A special area: Acoustics in the services industry
Even though we have both the knowledge and the means of analysis to allow us to cover a broad range of acoustic problems (neighbourhood noise, noise pollution caused by traffic, theatres and cinemas, industrial halls etc.), Environment Acoustics has decided to specialise in the analysis of offices in the services industry in order to guarantee its customers the maximum possible level of expertise.

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field
Environment Acoustics’ expertise in the field of acoustics in the services industry is based on an in-depth theoretical knowledge of this largely unexplored area. This knowledge is backed up and confirmed by our unique practical experience in this domain: we have taken measurements in no less than 350 offices and analysed the results.

High-performance, specialist tools
The engineers at Environment Acoustics have developed their own analysis and forecasting tools which have been adapted especially to deal with the specific acoustic problems encountered in the services industry. Acoustic comfort in the office environment is more than simply an evaluation of the ambience level or the reverberations in the room, it is also a question of the quality of the soundscape (environmental acoustics), staff concentration and efficiency levels as well as business confidentiality.

Existing buildings and new projects
Whether the project involves the design of a new building, a complete overhaul (forecast analysis) or the improvement of an existing situation (diagnosis), Environment Acoustics’ analyses cover a wide range of areas.

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